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Brick Making Machine

Brick making machines come in a variety of sizes, ranging from industrial types that make dozens of bricks at once to machines that make individual bricks. Bricks can be used for various building projects including walkways, houses, bridges, roads and driveways.

Static Brick Making Machines

Hollow block brick machines make five bricks at once and up to 1 000 bricks each day. These machines make the bricks with a hollow interior, which is useful for building homes. These machines don't use electricity and are operated manually. Hollow bricks can be made from concrete or clay mixtures and will dry in one to two weeks.

Maxi Block Brick Machine

Maxi block brick machines have a motor and can make twelve bricks at once. The machine will press twelve bricks and lay them onto planks, producing up to 7 000 or 7 500 bricks each day. These are the bricks used for Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) houses. Each machine comes with approximately 600 to 650 planks for the drying of the bricks.

Singular Brick Making Machines

These machines are manually operated and fed and can make up to five or six bricks at a time, depending on the model. They are useful for housing and paving.

Depending on the age of the machine, some new and used brick making machines come with warranties. Several machines have interchangeable moulds, so they can make both hollow and filled bricks. Electric and motorised machines produce more bricks but are more expensive. Singular machines can be used by individuals at their leisure.

Making the Bricks

Clay for the bricks can be purchased or mixed at home by combining soil, sand and water. It will take approximately 30 per cent sand, 50 per cent clay and 20 per cent water to make a brick. Dry each brick until the surface is white, and then turn the brick on each side towards the sun. When all four sides are dry, the brick is ready for use. Test the brick to ensure it is fully dried. A brick will be much harder if dried in a kiln and will handle more weight or pressure.

From building bridges to houses, bricks are a powerful, useful building material. They are strong and last for many years. No matter what project you are tackling, you can find a secondhand brick making machine that will suit the job.