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Boxer Puppies

Boxers are a medium-sized breed that love people. They grow to be around 58 centimetres tall and weigh between 25 and 32 kilogrammes. Boxers are usually fawn or brindle, but around 25 per cent of boxers born are white. This is a patient breed that is full of energy but also loves to curl up on the couch with his person. They were first developed in the 19th century as hunters and throughout the years have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

The boxer was bred from an Olde English Sheepdog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser. It belongs to the Molosser group, the same group of dogs as Mastiffs and Old English Bulldogs. The Boxer is also a brachycephalic breed, meaning their skulls are broad and short. They were given the name 'boxer' because of their tendency to stand on their hind legs and use their front paws to box when playing. Boxers make excellent companions to those who enjoy an active lifestyle. They require proper daily exercise to release their energy. A bored boxer is one that gets into trouble.

Choosing the Right Boxer Puppy

If a boxer sounds like the best breed for your family, it is important to choose the right puppy. Boxer puppies should be bred with the temperament of the puppy in mind. In an ideal situation, the puppies and the parents will have undergone temperament testing to ensure the puppies will be happy and well-adjusted in any kind of caring home environment. If temperament testing was not performed, the puppy should at least be well-socialised to both people and dogs. Often, a fearful puppy grows into a fearful adult which can make a dog as large as the boxer difficult to train and control.

Once you have chosen your new boxer puppy to adopt, you do not want to forget to pick up the supplies he will need. Food, bowls, toys, a bed, and a crate or kennel will make your new puppy feel right at home and will help him stay happy and healthy into his adult years.