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Border Collie

A Border collie is a herding dog best known for its prowess as a sheepdog. This breed is graceful, agile and tireless, and you can find a Border collie on Gumtree ZA. Before you adopt a Border collie in South Africa, establish whether this is the right dog for you and your family. Learn about its characteristics, temperament, and care requirements.

Border Collie Characteristics

Border collies can have smooth coats or rough coats. A dog with a smooth coat is a shorthaired Border collie and a dog with a rough coat is a medium- to longhaired Border collie. These dogs have extremely high energy levels. They are intelligent, alert, eager, and very playful. Although they are difficult to train, they are immensely loyal and obedient companions.

Coat colours vary, so you can adopt a black and white Border collie, red and white Border collie, black and grey Border collie, yellow or yellow and white Border collie, sable Border collie, black Border collie or tricolour Border collie. Although their eyes are usually brown, some have blue eyes or one blue eye. A male Border collie grows to about 56 centimetres and weighs approximately 20 kilogrammes. A female Border collie grows to about 53 centimetres and weighs around 19 kilogrammes.

Border Collie Temperament

The Border collie is work oriented and needs a job, so daily mental and physical exercise is crucial. They tend to chase other animals, so think twice before leaving them with cats, rabbits and other small creatures. This breed requires a lot of attention, and you cannot leave a Border collie alone for extended periods. If you do not exercise and challenge this dog every day, it becomes bored, destructive and neurotic.

Border Collie Care

If you want to adopt a Border collie puppy in South Africa, make time to socialise the dog properly to prevent shyness. These dogs are not suitable for confined living conditions and need a large yard and plenty of exercise. Border collies are average shedders and need regular combing and brushing, especially when they're shedding their thick undercoats.

Although Border collies are lovely dogs, they are demanding on not suitable for all lifestyles. Before you adopt a Border collie in South Africa, carefully consider whether you can provide the mental and physical exercise it needs. These dogs are available from registered breeders, private breeders and shelters.

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