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Boerboel Puppies For Sale

While you may want to buy a Boerboel puppy in South Africa, it is important to understand that this puppy will grow up to be a massive Boerboel dog. When mature, these dogs grow up to 66 centimetres tall, weighing around 80 kilogrammes, although bitches are slightly smaller.

Physical Characteristics

When farmers developed this breed, they were looking for a dog that would be fierce and loyal, as a first line of defence in protecting their homes against wild animals. These dogs have a short dense coat that is smooth and soft. Their coats can exhibit various colours, including fawn, light fawn, red, and brindle. The breed may also have a black mask.


Start working with the Boerboel puppy immediately. This dog has a strong instinct to protect its family even at the cost of its own life. Therefore, the owner needs to socialise the puppy early while the puppy is still small. The Boerboel puppy can seem lazy, but it is always on guard. Therefore, it is necessary to keep this dog well controlled in a large yard or on a dog leash. They love children and most are very careful and protective even around small children. If the Boerboel puppy is not going to be the only dog, then it is important to introduce the new dog under controlled circumstances, as the Boerboel will often see it as a threat.


Boerboels are easy to care for, but make sure not to put too much dry dog food in their bowl. It's best to feed the dog all it will eat, for 15 minutes, twice a day. Otherwise, the dog may become overweight and develop joint problems. Brush the short coat on a regular basis and bathe the dog as needed with gentle dog shampoo and conditioner. Provide a large doghouse outside in the garden. Boerboels love to play games like dog frisbee, so enjoy playing with it on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a large protective dog, you can most certainly find a Boerboel puppy for sale in South Africa. The puppy is sure to grow into a loving companion.