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Birds For Sale

Before you rehome birds for sale in South Africa, it is important to have a good understanding of what is involved with owning and caring for a pet bird. Being a responsible pet owner is more involved than simply finding a bird for sale in South Africa and bringing it home. There are costs and time involved, not to mention noise, mess, and space required to keep the bird. Before you rehome a bird for sale in South Africa, make sure you know exactly what you are getting, especially considering every bird has different needs.


When considering the cost involved with owning a bird, you have to consider the cost of the bird, the initial cost of supplies, and the cost of care and maintenance. The cost of the bird can be very low or very high, depending on the type of bird. Common lovebirds or cockatiels are not very expensive. On the other hand, a scarlet macaw is quite costly. The cost of the cadge will vary depending on the size of the bird and the size cadge. If you are keeping more than one bird in the cadge or have a bigger bird, you will need a bigger cadge. The cost of toys, feed, and veterinary care should also be weighed. These costs are not as expensive as the initial setup however; these are routine costs.

Noise and Mess

Noise and mess should be a consideration when looking at birds. If you live in an apartment or share a house with someone, you will need to choose a bird that doesn't like to make a lot of noise. Some birds are noisier than others. You also need to remember that bird cadges must be cleaned regularly and some birds are messy, they like to spit their seeds out of the cadge. If this is a concern, ask the pet shop which birds are the least messy.


Birds are like any other pet, they need your time. Depending on the type of bird, you may be able to teach it commands and simple tricks. Some birds develop a very large vocabulary and learn to recognise their owner. Make sure you have time to devote to your new pet.

Pet birds are interesting pets that live much longer than other pets. However, there is more to consider than simply buying one and locking it away in a cage. Factor in all the details involved in owning a bird and decide if it is right for you before buying one for your family.