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Bee Hives

Beekeeping and gardening go together. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem, performing the important job of pollination of crops and gardens. Keeping bees is called apiculture, and requires only a certain amount of investment and time to enjoy your hobby. South Africa is the perfect location for beekeeping and can provide the best reward of all, fresh honey and bee propilis. Bee equipment be expensive, but it is not difficult to find used bee hives for sale.

Getting Started

The most popular bee hive used today is the top-bar hive. This type of hive allows you to easily remove the sections for inspection and cleaning. Other equipment needed includes bee hoods and clothing to prevent stings as well as a smoker and honey equipment. Once you have the equipment, you are ready to start. Bees are delicate creatures and take some skill to raise, but there are many books are available on the subject. However, the best source of information is the people who raise bees in your area as they have knowledge about the specific problems in your area.

Finding Hives

There are two ways to obtain bees. The first is to catch a wild swarm of bees, which has the advantage of being cheap but is not the easiest way to obtain bees. There is also a possibility that you will capture a wild bee swarm that is aggressive or that is made up of bees that are not good honey producers. You also might catch a swarm that has is diseased. The best way to obtain used bee hives together with swarms of bees is from someone who raises them. The seller can provide you with workers and queens to get you started.

Beekeeping is a fun hobby, especially if you love the taste of fresh honey. It does have a chance for failure, so make sure to get the advice of an experienced beekeeper. Purchasing new or used equipment locally will give you a chance to meet others who are interested in apiculture. Whether you want to produce enough honey for your own consumption, to sell it, orto increase production of other crops, beekeeping is a rewarding and educational experience. It's important to start out with both the right equipment and the right knowledge for success, so search for secondhand bee hives.