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Band Saw

A band saw is used for cutting jobs that are difficult with other types of saws. They are good for cutting out pieces with unusual shapes, such as toys and crafts. Hobbyists also use them for decorative mouldings, for furniture, cabinetry or for cutting out thick lumber. All of these cutting methods use a different type of blade. A band saw is usually the first piece of equipment purchased for a shop because of its versatility. A used band saw is a good find for the hobbyist who wants to expand his or her craft.

Band Saws

Band saws come in two basic models. A floor standing cabinet band saw is a big stationary piece of equipment. Bench-top band saws are smaller and users can mount them to a table or bench easily. A metal-cutting band saw uses special blades to cut through metal. Band saw blades are available in many different shapes and for many different purposes. A band saw bench comes in many different shapes and styles too. Bench-top models are excellent for shops that are short on space.

Purchasing a Used Band Saw

You should keep a few guidelines in mind when purchasing a used band saw. One of the key points is that the larger the table, the easier it is to guide wood through the blade area. In addition, if more wood can fit on the bench, it has more support, and thus the operator needs to do less work to keep the piece steady. This allows them to concentrate on the cut.

When purchasing a secondhand band saw, there are some important guidelines that must be considered. You should check the blade mounts and make sure that the blade is tight and does not wobble. The table should be stable and solid as well. You should make certain that all of the safety guards and mechanisms are in place, and that they have not been disabled. The saw should have a smooth action when running. Make certain that all of the controls work properly. If you check your purchase carefully, a previously owned band saw can be a wonderful addition to the shop.