Emco Star

Emco Star

The Emco Star 6 in 1 multifunction wood crafting machine was built in Austria during the 1970's. Unlike many of the multipurpose machine on the market today, The Emco Star was built with cast steel bases and a number of intricately cast aluminium guides, instead of plastic or stamped steel. These machines were built with the serious home or construction level woodworker, but can be a great addition to the workshop of anyone who enjoys working with wood for fun or profit.

Many Different Functions

The Emco Star features a total of six included very useful woodworking power tools. These are a band saw, table saw, disc sander, belt sander. When you purchase, you have the choice to purchase the optional accessories which include a joiner and a planer. There are several other accessories that let you turn the Emco Star into a wood lathe, a jig saw, a mortise, fret saw, and a circular saw blade sharpener. While you cannot use all of the various functions and attachments at the same time, having a single machine that offers so many functions can help clear up the clutter in your workroom.

Motor and Engagement

The Emco Star combination machine is powered by a two speed motor, operating at either 1 700 or 3 400 rpm. Users choose the speed to match the tool they are using and the materials they are working with. The different tools are connected to the drive using a unique type of clutching mechanism that must be manually engaged. However, when the user changes the setup of the machine the clutches will automatically disengage making switching between tools simple and fast. The planer/joiner unit is designed to be unbolted so that it can slid out of the way.

The Table Saw

The table area for the saw is compact in design, but has plenty of room for most projects. There is a lower blade guard in place to ensure that no one gets hurt, or that nothing underneath the unit can come into contact with a moving blade. It also features an overarm blade guard designed to protect the user's hands and eyes.

The Joiner and Planer Units

The joiner/planer unit is belt driven and as long as the belts are in good shape will run smoothly. However, the belt is round rather than V shaped with flat edges. They must be custom made for this particular unit as flat edge style belts will not work. As long as the blades in the joiner section are kept sharp, the unit works perfectly and will let you work with a wide range of wood thicknesses.

Disk and Belt Sanders

The disc sander is simple to use as it takes self-adhesive discs allowing the user to select the grade most appropriate for the work being done from a wide range of brands readily available in any hardware store. The dual speed motor allows the user to work with both soft and hard woods. To engage the belt sander the user must have the table saw engaged first. Never attempt to engage the belt sander while the Emco Star is running, as the cast zinc clutch will shatter creating a risk of severe personal injury. Always keep the table saw blade covers in place while using the belt sander.

Other Accessories

All of the other accessories are designed to be connected to the Emco Star via either clutches when bolted in place, such as with the lathe or using belts which are still available at emocoshop.at. Here you can still find many of the parts and accessories you are likely to need or want for your Emco Star multipurpose woodworking tool.

The Emco Star unit is an excellent choice for the wood worker who has a very limited amount of space to work with. When you fully equip it with all of the available accessories, it can take the place of a number of individual tools. It also makes a great way for you to have access to a large selection of tools without the need to spend far more money buying individual tools.