DSTV Walker

DSTV Walker

DStv Mobile subscribers can watch television anywhere with the DStv Walka handheld TV, available in two models. The lightweight device is slim enough to fit in a pocket. The screen on the original model is only 3,5 inches, yet the digital visual and audio quality that comes from the 1,5 watt speakers is crisp and clear. The Walka 7 has an expanded 7-inch screen. There are four adjustable aspect ratio settings. The DStv Walka is compatible with the DVB-H signal. You do not need to be a DStv Mobile subscriber to purchase the device.

Charging and Viewing Time

An in-built signal receiver gives users access to the DVB-H signal and content in areas where there is DVB-H coverage. The regular model is rechargeable for up to three hours of viewing time. The Walka 7 comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to six hours of viewing time. They both have a signal strength and battery indicator in the user interface. The Walka does not have any parental controls, although the company is investigating the possibility of introducing parental control features.


Each DStv Walka comes with several items in its package. Customers receive a USB cable, USB power adapter, headphones, and hand landyard with their Walka purchase. There is also a prop stand to keep the device upright for hands-free viewing. A user guide/manual is included with instructions for using your DStv Walka. Each device has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Customers may purchase optional insurance for their Walka devices as well. Earphones or headphones for the unit must fit a standard 3,5 mm audio jack with a sleeve not longer than 7 mm thick.


Users do not need Wi-Fi, 3G, or PC connectivity in order to use the Walka television. Nothing needs to be installed or downloaded on the device, as Walka handheld televisions do not require software or applications. Customers do not need to be a MultiChoice subscriber to use the Walka because each device comes with free e.mobile. However, the device must be activated before it will work. To activate, call the MultiChoice call centre or visit the MultiChoice service centre once you have made a purchase. In addition, make sure the Walka is fully charged before you use it for the first time. In addition, the antenna must be extended and vertically positioned in order for it to receive the mobile TV signal.


Although there are some free services, there are several bouquets available for the Walka Handheld TV with more channels. Subscribers of DStv Mobile Monthly and DStv Mobile Premium must pay a monthly fee. Customers with subscriptions to DStv Mobile Premium have free access to M-Net Mobile and one free subscription to the service. You can also purchase up to three additional subscriptions. Users have access to the DVB-H 24-hour mobile guide.

Aspect Ratio

You can easily adjust the Walka's aspect ratio setting for a better picture. Press the Menu/Power button and it will bring up menu options. Scroll down and click on the aspect ratio option using the click wheel. Select the aspect ratio with your preferred aspect ratio for the programme you are currently watching and click OK to accept the setting.


Valid identification is a regulatory requirement when purchasing a Walka because DVB-H is a technology that allows you to view TV. You must produce a valid SABC TV licence card and an RSA identity document or a driver's license as proof of identification to have your TV license validated. Should you not have a valid TV licence, you will need to apply or renew one at your nearest SABC centre before activating your device.

Walka handheld televisions are a simple way to watch TV on the go. There is free programming available, as well as various subscriptions to DStv Mobile programming. All devices give you access to a 24-hour programme guide.