Couches are often the focal point of the living area where they are placed. For this reason, you need to have a comfortable and attractive sitting area. Couches come in all sizes, colours, and styles, so it is easy to find one or more that fits the decor and style of your home. The style of a couch depends on the arms, back, and legs. Some have an old-fashioned or classic look, while others have a modern design. Choosing a couch depends on the colours, size, decorations, and themes of your home.

English Sofa

The English sofa has slightly rounded arms and a tight seat that is slightly rolled back. The back of the chair is rounded and cushioned. There is no skirt, and the legs are turned on castors. This couch looks simple and elegant. It is a classic style that works well in small living rooms or parlours.


The camelback style couch was created by Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century. It is a traditional formal couch with a tight, curved back. The curve is high in the middle and low on the sides, which gives it the appearance of a camel's hump. The arms are high and rolled and the seat is tight. The legs may be exposed or covered by a skirt. This sofa can be a charming accent to a formal living rooms or den.


The Knole sofa is based on an early 17th-century chair made for Knole, a house in Kent, England. It is a popular couch of many English country houses. It has a straight, high back with angled arms that can be move to stand straight up. The original purpose of the adjustable arms was to keep droughts out. The back and arms often come together with finials tied with cords.


A sectional couch is formed by two, three, or four sections that often include at least two pieces joined at a 90 degree angle. These sofas are often used in living rooms where a lot of seating is needed. They can be conveniently placed in a corner or wrapped around other furniture. Sectionals sometimes come with ottomans, attached or detached. They may or may not have arms. Axis manufactures quality sectionals in a variety of styles.


The Chesterfield is a deep buttoned sofa, and the arms, legs, and back are often the same height. This type of couch is generally made from leather or a leather substitute. The couch has been a popular addition to dens and libraries for centuries. It has a distinguished appearance and is often associated with homes of the wealthy.


A popular type of sofa found in many homes is the loveseat. The loveseat can come in a variety of shapes and styles, and it is designed to sit two people. It may have two or more cushion seats. This couch works well in almost any room. It is commonly found in parlours, living rooms, offices, and bedrooms.


The Bridgewater sofa is comfortable with a casual appearance. The couch has low arms and a squared profile. The cushions are fluffy and soft, and it is often skirted. This couch style is popular in homes around the world. It can be placed in rooms with varied decor, and it is often chosen for its versatility, comfort, and simplicity. Leisure Lounge is a brand that produces a variety of couch styles, including the Bridgewater style.

Chaise Longue

In French, """"chaise lounge"""" means """"long chair,"""" and that is precisely what this style of couch is. This sofa can be upholstered with leather or a multitude of cloths. It often has a high back on one end, and a bed-type end used for reclining. This classic style transforms a boring room into an elegant sitting area. Gloster is a furniture brand that manufactures a variety of chaises in many styles and colours.

Couches are the often the most important part of sitting rooms, living rooms, dens, and parlours. Not only do they provide one or more people with a comfortable place to sit, they also reflect the style of the room where they are placed. Couches can be found in any number of shapes, sizes, and styles. From casual to formal, the sofa is an important part of any home.